How to Make Kibble in ARK: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Kibble in ARK

Kibble is a type of food in ARK: Survival Evolved that is used to tame creatures and increase their effectiveness. Each type of kibble is designed to be the preferred food of a particular creature in the game. Taming with kibble is a more efficient and effective method than using other types of food, as it results in a higher taming effectiveness and requires less time and resources.

Kibble is crafted using a combination of ingredients, including a specific type of egg, fiber, and other resources. It is important to note that the quality of the ingredients used to make kibble affects its effectiveness in taming creatures. Therefore, it is recommended to use high-quality ingredients whenever possible.

By understanding the mechanics of kibble in ARK, players can optimize their taming methods and increase their chances of success. Knowing which kibble to use for each creature and how to craft it can save time and resources, making it a valuable skill to master in the game.

Gathering the Ingredients

To craft kibble in ARK, players must gather specific ingredients that vary depending on the type of kibble they want to make. The primary ingredient is a specific type of egg laid by a particular creature in the game. These eggs can be obtained by either taming the creature or by finding their nests in the wild.

In addition to the eggs, kibble requires other resources such as fiber, mejoberries, and cooked meat. Some types of kibble also require more specific resources, such as honey or sap. These can be obtained by gathering them from the environment or by farming them using various methods, such as harvesting beehives or tapping trees.

To optimize the process of gathering kibble ingredients, players should consider using tamed creatures with high gathering abilities, such as an Ankylosaurus for gathering mejoberries or a Therizinosaur for gathering fiber. Additionally, building a base near a resource-rich area or using a mobile base, such as a raft or a flyer, can make the process more efficient.

Crafting Kibble

Crafting kibble in ARK requires using a cooking pot or industrial cooker, which can be found or crafted by players. The ingredients required for the specific type of kibble must be placed into the pot or cooker, along with water, and then cooked over a fire or heat source until the kibble is produced.

It is important to note that the crafting process for each type of kibble varies, with some types requiring more ingredients and taking longer to cook than others. Additionally, the quality of the ingredients used affects the quality of the kibble produced, which in turn affects its effectiveness in taming creatures.

Players can optimize their kibble crafting by using high-quality ingredients and using a recipe that matches the creature they are trying to tame. Some types of kibble, such as the Simple Kibble, can be used for taming multiple creatures, while other types, such as the Exceptional Kibble, are specific to certain creatures.

Overall, mastering the art of kibble crafting is essential for successful taming in ARK and can save players time and resources in the long run.

Using Kibble Effectively

Using kibble effectively in ARK requires understanding which type of kibble to use for each creature and when to use it. Kibble is most effective for taming creatures that have a high taming effectiveness, as it provides a significant boost to the taming process. Additionally, using the appropriate type of kibble for a particular creature can result in a higher taming effectiveness than using other types of food.

Players should also consider the timing of when to use kibble during the taming process. It is recommended to wait until the creature is hungry before offering the kibble, as this increases the chance that it will eat it. Additionally, players should keep an eye on the taming effectiveness meter and adjust the timing of feeding accordingly to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Once a creature is tamed using kibble, it can also be used as a valuable resource for breeding and other activities in the game. By understanding how to use kibble effectively, players can improve their chances of success in taming, breeding, and overall gameplay in ARK.

Troubleshooting Kibble-Making Problems

Players may encounter issues or problems when making kibble in ARK, such as the kibble not being produced or the wrong type of kibble being made. These problems can be frustrating and time-consuming, but there are several troubleshooting steps that players can take to resolve them.

One common issue is that players may not have the correct ingredients or the correct amount of ingredients to make the desired type of kibble. Double-checking the recipe and ingredients and ensuring that they are of high quality can help to resolve this issue.

Another common issue is that the cooking pot or industrial cooker may not be placed correctly or may not have enough fuel to cook the kibble. Ensuring that the cooking device is placed on a flat surface and has enough fuel can help to resolve this issue.

If players are still encountering issues, they can try restarting the game or server, as this can sometimes resolve glitches or bugs in the game. Additionally, seeking help from online forums or communities can provide valuable insights and solutions to kibble-making problems.

By troubleshooting kibble-making problems, players can save time and resources and ensure a more efficient and effective taming experience in ARK.

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